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10 Outrageous Laws Concerning Real Estate that are still on the Books!!  

Number 1:  It is illegal for a homeowner to keep an alligator in their bathtub in Arkansas. Clearly someone has done this (it wasn't me) and why it has topped our list of 1o Outrageous Real Estate Laws!  By the way other states have similar laws that include:  Can't have a donkey in your bathtub in Brooklyn and just say no to the horse in your bathtub in South Carolina. Really? Oh, there's more just wait for it! 

Number 2: You cannot bathe after 10:00 PM in Piqua, Ohio. That's right kids, just hold those pesky parentals off until 10:01 PM and you are home free!  

Number 3:  Clothing is not optional in Portland, Oregon when bathing!  Nope, you have to bathe fully clothed. I kid you not! 

Number 4: You cannot have a bathtub inside your own home in Virginia. That's right it is technically still ILLEGAL

Number 5:  Popularly known as the "Ghostbusters Ruling" there is a Supreme Court case Stambovsky v. Ackley that requires sellers to complete a separate disclosure in New York State if they do, in fact, believe that their house is haunted. I know I would appreciate such a disclosure.  I don't want to be home alone and see furniture move all by itself or writing to suddenly appear on walls, or any of the other myriad of possible poltergeists. Gives new meaning to "Who you gonna call?" 

Number 6:  You can't have too many females living in one house!  Yep, in Arkansas and Missouri there is a law that states no more than 6 females can live under one roof in Arkansas. Missouri is a little tougher as they allow no more than 4 women to live together; no matter the relationship. Guess that 6th daughter has got to go!  This antiquated law was first put in place to discourage brothels.  Some of these are real head scratchers! 

Number 7:  Outdoor living is all the rage; but not in Colorado!!  You cannot have ANY upholstered outdoor furniture in the city of Boulder.  Say goodbye to your nice padded lounge couch, favorite comfy chair, or your chaise lounge! 

Number 8:  DIY, yes please!  Oh, wait you can't do those projects on Sunday if you live in one of these areas listed below:

New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, and Hawaii all have laws either banning or prohibiting the use of home power tools on Sunday's. New Jersey specifically bans house painting and roofing on Sunday. You're not going to hear a leaf blower in Hawaii on a Sunday as their use is specifically banned on Sunday. Santa Fe is prohibited from using a Lawn Mower on Sunday. The purpose of this law is to not be an annoyance to your neighbors who may be enjoying their day off. Nothing worse than having your sleep interrupted by the grinding of a saw blade against wood or the hum of your neighbors lawnmower right outside your bedroom window. 

Number 9:  Apparently there was a problem in Rockville, Maryland with people stealing public buildings. So, if you are out for a stroll and decide that you want to take that whole museum or public library with you; just know it is against the Law!  Seriously, how would you even do that?  The logistics would be a nightmare. 

This brings us to our Number 10 outrageous real estate laws that are still on the books! 

Number 10:  Arizona has a law that states that you must give water to the needy! If a homeless person comes to your house and asks for a drink of water you MUST give them a drink of water.  Even if you are a business; you cannot turn them away. 

I like number 10 as we should all walk a mile in someone else's shoes and it can get really hot and humid in the desert, and apparently everywhere in the south!  May we all make a pledge to honor number 10! 

-J.L Owens

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Source: https://www.msevanslaw.com/7-strange-real-estate-laws-in-the-u-s/




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