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About Judith

I was born in St Louis, Missouri and pretty much grew up, to whatever extent I grew up, in Little Rock. I got my Arkansas Real Estate license right out of college & enjoyed working with the “big kids” at R.P.M. That was before anyone had cell phones, computers, smart lock boxes, even fax machines. You couldn’t get things done as quickly, but it was a simpler pace. It involved paper maps, keeping a few dimes and knowing where pay phones were located and having a separate key to the lock box of every company that would exchange a key with you.

A lot has changed since then and technology has made every aspect of our lives easier. The one thing that hasn't changed over the years is how I treat my clients.

People always say it’s about location, location, location… but it’s mostly knowing how to practice the Golden Rule & then practicing it – every day. It’s also about respecting clients, keeping a sense of humor, helping negotiate, knowing your market & keeping up with the latest technology, anticipating questions & fixing problems before they happened and surrounding yourself with other professionals in related fields to have a cooperative effort resulting in success.

Office Location: 11621 Rainwood Road Suite #4, Little Rock

Office Phone Number: 501-224-3900

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